Sunday, October 21, 2007

99 Environment friendly advices

I think many of us just can’t see opportunities for environment friendly living due to the constant race for business, daily activities, stress and other factors. Those “disturbing” factors force us to behave according to our plans and company’s plans, almost everything is in the plan in our tight schedule, but what is missing … I think environment component is missing in our plan. For the start maybe just to check if all lights are switched off when leaving our homes at the morning, or to think in which shop we have to go in our way home to reduce our travel costs and of course pollution. Those are the little things which will enable use to continue planning also other “more important” business plans in the future. If we forget about those little environment friendly things, I’m not sure how long we will be able to make plans for our business and daily activities… maybe 20 years… who knows? So let’s act environment friendly now – my new blog is the right place to move into action, powered by Green Confident Blog, always in action.

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